5 Inch Poly Wheel

W5P 5 Inch Poly Wheel

5 inch poly wheel with axle bolt and lock nut. Blue polyurethane tread wheel on a tan hub and blue thread guards. Sealed precision plus bearing system. Hex head axle bolt and lock nut included.

The polyurethane tread wheels are the standard 5 inch wheels that come with most new carts and offers the best durability for the many flooring conditions that retail shopping carts are exposed to.

Most wheel orders are experiencing a 1-2 week delay from the manufacturer.

Product Details

Wheel Diameter
5 inch
Tread Width
1.25 inch
Hub Width
1.6 inch
Blue tread, Tan hub, Blue thread guard
.8 pounds
Weight Capacity
250 pounds
Axle Size
5/16" - 18 X 2.25" keyed hex head, zinc plated
Lock Nut
5/16" - 18 nylon lock nut
Delivery Time
1-2 weeks *
Manufacturer 1 year limited material and workmanship

W5P 5 Inch Poly Wheel

W5P 5 Inch Poly Wheel

* Delivery times may vary and are not guaranteed.