5 Inch Super Wheel

W5C 5 Inch Super Compound Wheel

5 inch compound super flat spot resistant wheel with axle bolt and lock nut. Blue rubber compound tread wheel on a gray hub and blue thread guards. Sealed precision plus bearing system. Hex head axle bolt and lock nut included. Typically installed on the on the back rigid caster which are the most susceptible to flat spots.

The compound super tread wheels are designed to be extremely abrasion resistant and have a high degree of surface grip. The wheel continues to roll when making radical turns and is extremely resistant to flat spots. The new standard for major retailers with constant use of manual or cart collection equipment.

Most wheel orders are experiencing a 1-2 week delay from the manufacturer.

Product Details

Wheel Diameter
5 inch
Tread Width
1.25 inch
Hub Width
1.6 inch
Blue tread, Gray hub, Blue thread guard
.8 pounds
Weight Capacity
250 pounds
Axle Size
5/16" - 18 X 2.25" keyed hex head, zinc plated
Lock Nut
5/16" - 18 nylon lock nut
Delivery Time
1-2 weeks *
Manufacturer 1 year limited material and workmanship

W5C 5 Inch Super Compound Wheel

W5C 5 Inch Super Compound flat spot resistant Wheel

* Delivery times may vary and are not guaranteed.