Model HB17P Hand Basket

Model HB18W Plastic Hand Basket
Large plastic hand baskets with two durable plastic handles. Made from high density resin for impact resistance and approved for food contact. Available in four standard colors. (Sold in increments of 10)

Product Details

Total Capacity
1,700 Cu. In. (28 liters)
Overall size
13 1/8" W; 10" H; 19 1/8" L
Nesting Distance
1 1/2"
Stack Height
26" for 12 baskets
Weight Each
2.4 pounds
Box Weight
28 pounds
Box Size
15" W x 20" L x 32" H (48# billing weight)
Qty per set
10 Baskets (with or without stand)
Qty per Pallet
360 (not in boxes)
Lead Time
2-6 weeks*
Manufacturer 1 year limited material and workmanship

Model HB17P Plastic Hand Basket Specs

Model HB17P Plastic Hand Basket

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