Used Carts

Used Grocery Carts

Premier Carts offers some used carts. The used carts we normally sell include repair or replacement, as needed, of wheels, casters and gates to ensure proper performance and nesting. Carts are pressure washed and new handles & leg-hole-closures are installed. Our reconditioned carts are used by many grocers to fill-in between new cart purchases; in many thrift and off-price stores; in industrial warehouses for stocking and order picking; and in high-theft retail areas. We do not offer any warrantee or guarantee on our used carts. Carts normally ship in 1-3 weeks. Our inventory changes constantly so please use our Quote system or call for available quantities, options, shipping quotes and pricing.

Currently the inventory of used carts is unusually low and most common sizes and styles are not available in enough quantity to display on the web site. Please call or e-mail if you you have a need and we will see if we have or can find anything that will work.


Please Note: Used carts are sold by style, size and nesting ability and not by a specific make and model. The models pictured are some of the most abundant models but the actual make and model of cart may change as the supply of used inventory changes. Some carts have a nickel chrome finish and some have a coated finish. We try to fill orders with the same make and model of cart, but can not always fill-in repeat orders with the exact same make and model of cart as a previous order. Most models of carts will have a similar size made by another manufacturer that will also nest together. If you are concerned about appearance, consistency or specific details, please consider our selection of new carts.

Delivery times may vary and are not guaranteed.

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